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Parkinson's UK are introducing changes over time. Access to the local adviser service will be through to Parkinson's UK national helpline.
People in need of support can ring our freephone number on 0808 800 0303 or email:

*        Up-to-date information on Parkinson’s.
*        Emotional support to people with Parkinson’s and their families.
*        Information about benefits and how to apply.
*        Information about and links to local services.
*        A supporting voice if people need to complain or are having problems having their needs assessed.
*        Links to other Parkinson’s Disease Society services such as our  Helpline, website, and information resources.


I have had a few questions recently from Carers about ICER’s – what they are and how they can help.

ICER stands for the Cambridgeshire Individual Carers Emergency Respite Scheme, and basically, the ICER is a plan of support that you would want should an emergency happen and you are not able to carry out the care you would normally provide. The plan could include involvement of friends, family and neighbours (with their agreement), or where they are unable to help, through Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire. Crossroads have been commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council to provide a short notice backup for carers, and they can provide a variety of support if needed including telephone support and advice, hands on care or drop in visits, for up to 48 hours. The scheme covers the care you as a carer provide, but does not replace support provided by paid carers.

To use the scheme, you need to be caring for an adult on a regular or substantial basis, and the person you care for would need to be eligible to have services and need some support to manage at home safely over a period of 48 hours.

The plan can provide real peace of mind to you as a carer, knowing this safety net is in place.

If you are interested in making a plan, you can either contact the Care Manager who is helping you complete your Carers Assessment if you have one, or the Care Manager for the person you care for. Alternatively you can contact the Carers Support Manager through Cambridgeshire Direct on 0345 045 5202. or visit the website

Information and Support Worker


Hello everyone, you may be interested in some new packs that are now available to you from the Charity.

In the Eastern Region we have recently developed a “Residential Home Pack”. This pack is specifically for residential and nursing home care settings, and contains relevant information to help staff to support residents with Parkinsons. It includes useful information including a DVD showing the importance of getting medication on time, and a “Caring for your Resident with Parkinsons” booklet. It also has details of local and national contacts they may find helpful, information on how they can get further training and how to keep up to date on Parkinsons issues.

If you, or someone you know, is planning to have a residential respite stay or is going to live in a residential home permanently, this is a really good way of raising the homes awareness about the condition. It can be sent to you to pass to the home, to the involved Social Worker or Care Manager, or directly to the home itself.

If you would like one of these packs, please contact Parkinson's UK national helpline freephone number on 0808 800 0303 or email: