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Parkinson’s Nurse Tip (February 2022)
“During these cold months, remember to wrap up warm when you are inside and outside. Continue to do your daily walks, but just add on some extra layers and wear a hat and gloves. Parkinson’s affects the nervous system therefore you can feel cold quicker during the winter months. If you can’t go out during the cold months for a walk, then consider doing some light exercises at home. Warmer and brighter days are soon to come...”
The Parkinson’s Nurse Team are still providing a blended approach for current support, with clinics and home visits if required. A new nurse is starting in March, who is replacing Amanda Eady who retired in December.

Best Wishes
Becky Slimmon, Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse


Parkinson’s Nurse Update (Updated 30th July 2021)
During the Pandemic, our nurses have been reviewing our waiting lists carefully and our patients have been seen depending on their needs. This has been through telephone, video, and face to face consultation. To ensure that our patient needs are being met we are now sending all our patients a 30- minute review appointment. If a further assessment is required a new longer appointment will be arranged. We are sending a questionnaire prior to the appointment requesting blood pressure sitting and standing (after 3 minutes), weight and medication list. If you have an urgent concern, please do call us and we will bring your 30-minute appointment forward. Appointments will be offered regardless of when you have seen your consultant.

Face to face appointments are still being offered if there is a clear need to physically examine the patient and/or avoid hospital admission –
• Where there are concerns about the physical wellbeing of the patient (e.g. falls, medication side effects, safeguarding concerns, challenging behaviour)
• Where the patient has communication difficulties
• Where the health needs cannot be med by video or telephone

With regards to reopening clinics we are presently completing risk assessments and the plan is to provide a blended approach i.e., mixture of Face to Face, Video or Telephone consultation. For example, to meet government guidance, patients who do attend clinic, will need to be the only patient in the waiting room or must wait in their car to be called into the clinic. Also, our clinic locations are supporting not only Parkinson’s clinics but several other clinics at the same time (e.g., Diabetes, Cardiac etc.)

 We really appreciate your continued support during this time, and recognise the additional pressures you are also facing. I would also like to take the opportunity to let you know that we have recruited two more nurses, one is due to start in July and the other in September (Aaron and Grace).

Nurse Tip “During the hot weather, remember to add in more water, even if you are not thirsty. Top up the fluids, aim to drink anywhere between 6-8 glasses per day” Becky Slimmon, Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse

 Best Wishes

Becky Slimmon
Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse

Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses.

Two nurses have recently left the PDSN service and it takes time to recruit replacements. People will be followed up as usual but there may be delays in clinic waiting times for the time being. Some South Cambs clinics will be covered by Peterborough-based nurses for a short period. Amanda and Lorna are still at Cambridge. Please try to be understanding.

There is a change to the telephone service: please take note. The new number to dial is 0330 726 0077 which takes you to the county-wide admin hub during office hours. You will hear a message “Thank you for calling CPFT NHS Community Services. Please press
button 2 for Huntingdon,
button 3 for Ely and Fenland,
button 4 for Peterborough
button 5 for Cambridge”.
There is no answering machine to leave a voice message. The call-handler will take the call and direct the message to the appropriate team to request a call back. All calls will go through this route: there are no direct lines to the nurses.

[‘Office hours’ in this case is likely to mean 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.
The generic email address which is checked every day should still work:
Most of our Branch members will press button 2 for Huntingdon area, but those in the Ramsey area may have to press button 3.
I have asked which villages are concerned, but have not yet had a reply. I assume it is those which usually have nurses from Peterborough.David Rudd]

Parkinson’s Nurses. We have frequently been asked who the nurses are now as the previous list was now out of date, we are waiting an update
Peterborough and Fenland area   

Cambridge and Huntingdon area

Becky Slimmon                  Senior Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse