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Chairperson is Malcolm Ryman

Vice- Chair is David Rudd

Parkinson’s UK, Huntingdonshire Branch, AGM, March 2018

Chairman’s Report. 


The committee has met monthly this year, and always been well attended.  Unfortunately we say goodbye to three members who have resigned. Philip Gibbs, formerly Branch Chairman for three years who was well known and well liked then and during his subsequent term of committee service. Janet White who worked on the committee and with events around the Branch.  Pauline Dolden who took particular interest in our publications. I want to publicly thank them for their service, and say they will be missed.  Can they be replaced?  We shall find out shortly. We were pleased to co-opt Sally Beaman to the committee as Minuting Secretary, and she is available for election today.  


There are 238 people on our membership list, all but three of whom get the Diary Dates news and calendar. We lost 12 members during the year some through changes of address. We gained 22 new members.  Of that membership only 48 regularly attend the local support group meetings.  We must consider how to make those meetings attractive to more people. Your comments will be welcomed.

Branch Services:

These are always clearly documented in Diary Dates. Vanessa Clipsham provides reflexology to members, and has her regular clients.    ‘Love to Move’, the programme devised by Kim Hall who is here today has proved its benefits, and average attendance is 10.       Chair-based exercise attracts an average of 15 at St Ives and 8 at St Neots, where the group has been affected by recent illness.    Parkinson’s Dance and Parkinson’s Singing have an average attendance of 6.       The beneficial effects of exercise for people with Parkinson’s have been so loudly trumpeted over the last two years that you might expect there would be people clamouring at the door: but no. There is room for more people in all our exercise groups except the St Ives chair-based exercise and if more places are needed we will endeavour to provide them.

Fundraising and Campaigning etc:

During 2017 we have attended the following, some producing money, all raising awareness of Parkinson’s.              We had Tesco Collections at Huntingdon on 20th January and at St Neots on 3rd February. On both occasions the weather was unpleasant and we decided to try for summer dates in future. Unfortunately other branches and charities all want summer dates.  On 4th March Ralph Hutchings had all his (visible) hair cut off and thus raised 500 for this Branch.  On 19th April we went to the Albert Hall on a trip arranged by Janet White. Janet and I took a presentation about Parkinson’s to Needingworth Over 60s on 2nd May. That has resulted in a donation to be received shortly. In May also we had a stall on St Neots Market Square during Volunteers’ Week where we gave out information and gained 2 new members.  On 30th July a few of us set up stall at HDCs ‘Health and Wellbeing Festival’ in Huntingdon. The Huntingdon Carnival on 12th August produced a new member, gave information to newly diagnosed people who however did not want to join us, and paved the way for a three-figure donation. On 6th December Janet White and Richard Gregory held a Parkinson’s lunch in the Somersham British Legion Hall, which as well as being an enjoyable occasion widened the knowledge of Parkinson’s for local care home staff.


David Rudd








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