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Have you ALL remembered to become a member of the National Society. (You need to be a member if you attend any function whether you suffer with Parkinson’s or not)

If you are not yet a member, membership forms can be obtained easily from a Committee member .
Click Here for Contacts Menu. This makes sure you are fully insured when attending functions.

We are coming up to the season for holidays and one of our members would like to stress how important it is to make sure you are well prepared before going on what we hope will be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. With this in mind they have suggested that before you go you take the following precautions so that if the worst does happen you are well prepared. :-

Make sure you are adequately insured for a person with Parkinson’s and that the Insurance company does cover ALL hospitals in the country you are travelling to.

Make sure your medical card is up to date.

Have your up to date medication list with you in order to be able to hand over to any medics.

Have your mobile phone and top up card with you and any contact details which should include the Parkinson’s Help Line.

On returning home notify the Parkinson’s Nurse IMMEDIATELY as well as your GP as to what has happened.

We trust this will be of help to you all.

Your Committee



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